Selecting the right Indian college is a difficult task for the students as well as their family members. These 4years in your college will decide what you are going to do in your future. That is why you need to take this decision wisely. When you are in your senior school, you are supposed to start your research and do not wait for the last movement. Do not search for the right college, but search for the right engineering course singapore. Here are some guidelines to follow to help you choose the right Indian college.

Engineering stream

Before you start your search for a right college, you need to decide which engineering branch you like. There are some colleges, which have good faculty and infrastructure for specific streams. So after deciding your stream start your search and find whether they are providing degree in that branch or not.

After finding the right college for you, you need to choose three other engineering branches. This is in case if you cannot take admission in your stream. You have to settle for other streams. This is obvious that the top-notch colleges have high competition. You can opt for the second group, this is also above average, but it is comparatively easier to take admission in these colleges.

Your criteria

You need to decide a college on several things. Prepare a list of elements; this will help you in evaluation of the colleges.

  • Degree
  • Where it is located?
  • Distance from your home
  • Is it private college or government
  • Cost per year, this includes tuition footing and lodging charges.
  • Do they provide scholarships and other financial assistance?
  • Campus resources
  • Check their placement and internship record
  • Reputation
  • Qualification of faculty

Students are supposed to decide the engineering course Singapore in accordance to his or her interest. If you find to engineering colleges with similar ranking, then go for the one with that has better faculty and other facilities.

Check your scores

You need to make sure that you are eligible to apply to this college. You can check last year’s cut-off percentage. If there is a common entrance test, then prepare for it.

Visit your chosen college

It would be great if you pay a visit to the colleges you have shortlisted. Visit library lawns or cafés, this will help you talk with students and teachers. You will also get an idea about the facilities in the college. Ask the students about scholarships and other financial aids the school administration is providing.