Speaking of the disruption in the tech and business world, ‘Data’ is the key term that comes to mind. This new ‘Gold mine’ is what is powering the advanced business models, boosting research and development feats, and driving informed ‘Decision making.’ As per Wikibon, by 2020, global data generation will be 44 times more than that was in 2009! The size of the opportunity that comes with this gigantic number is proportional to it. More and more Data Analytics and Big Data professionals are being hired by the organizations to leverage this massive opportunity.

In this post, we will give you 5 good reasons that will compel you to switch to Data Analytics and upgrade your career.

Data has become a highly crucial commodity

As per IDC (International Data Corporation), organizations across the globe spent more than $16.9 Billion in 2015. According to the same report, 40 Zettabytes of data would be floating around the globe by 2020. These stats directly point to the fact that the fields of Data Analytics and Big Data will grow by as much as 60 folds in India in the next decade. That means, Data is something that the international organizations are treating as a highly valuable commodity. This will lead to more and more positions for the professionals to be available and new opportunities will keep emerging. If you plan to step-up or switch from your current profile into this staggering field of opportunities, now would be the right time.

Quick Access to Courses, Training & Certification

Unlike other growing fields that require candidates to earn a professional degree from a university or compels them to go through the college to endow them with a job, Data Analytics spares them from this effort. That means, even though this is a rapidly growing field with higher median paychecks, you can acquire the required eligibility and certifications through online and offline courses. For example, PST Analytics provides contemporary courses in the field of Data analytics and Big Data. Their industry-honed faculty provides online courses that have helped numerous candidates make a good place for themselves in this field. If you wish to make a transit to this field brimming with the opportunities of professional excellence, an online course and certification like theirs comes highly recommended.

IoT is going to be a Show Stopper Soon

Big Data and our capability to run advanced analytics on it has opened up many gates for innovative opportunities. Internet of Things or IoT is one such opportunity. No longer will the data be limited to spread sheets or fancy charts. Rather, it will power the sensors, devices, networks and algorithms that together make up a huge ecosystem of the ‘New Connected World.’ Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will be the key utilizers of Data Analytics to improve the processes and functions that surround us every day. If you are a person with the zeal to make a technological impact on the generations to come, then Data Analytics and knowledge of IoT are the windows for you to dive right in.

A Stimulating & Challenging Field!

Let us be straightforward when it comes to general employee well-being around the world. Regular IT jobs are no longer challenging. They are not stimulating enough to push the employees to bring out their best. Though, with the recent emergence of disruptive tech like Cryptocurrencies, IoT, Data Analytics, ML, and AI, the picture is changing forever. Not only these fields are challenging, they also provide a terrific work-life balance for the employees. Data analytics, especially, is a domain that requires creative and problem-solving attitude from you and gives you all the perks and benefits of a lucrative job. Forget those 9-5 cubicles with mundane routine tasks, Data analytics is the new cool trend.

Industry Professionals Supply Gap

There is a good reason for the Data professionals’ paychecks to be 15% fatter than those with the regular IT jobs. Professionals in any domain get paid well and enjoy numerous perks when the supply of the industry-fit talent is short. Currently, the field of Data analytics is growing at a much faster rate than with which it can adequately train the right professionals. An estimate shows that there will be a shortage of the Data professionals in the range of 50-60 percent between 2018-2021 around the world. Taking the Indian Data industry under purview, an estimated 440,000 job positions will be created during the same tenure. However, of these, only 300,000 are expected to be filled while others will go vacant. Needless to say, this shall pose an excellent advantage for the aspirants wanting to make a mark in this field. Simply join a professional course, get yourself certified and start hunting for a Data analytics job. If everything goes right, you shall see yourself land amongst the brightest of talent pool from the world.

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