When you are a small business owner and you have some employees working for you at the office, you want to ensure that they have everything they need to be productive. The reality is that you understand that when you are able to maintain your employees happy, they will be more motivated and will work more efficiently.

One of the things that tend to affect the work environment is a cluttered workplace. This is probably one of the reasons why so many companies are opting for open offices. This way, employees have more space to work (even when your office is small) and they will be able to easily communicate and help each other when in need.

However, this can also be the cause of some confusion and cluttering. The reality is that when everyone had their own offices, it was easy to hide the cables and wires from computers. In addition, this also ensured that people would take a better care of their desks and, especially, they would have the time to make their desks presentable. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore.

While this doesn’t occur in all open offices, the reality is that most employees tend to be careless about their desks and to the cables and wires spread all over the floor. And the truth is that this can severely affect their productivity. After all, they won’t easily find what they are looking for.

So, how can you make sure that your employees have the workplace was cleaned and uncluttered?

There are many different things that you can do. One of them, and probably the most important one, is the inclusion of a pop up desk outlet in each one of the desks that you have at the office.

The reality is that while in the old days, people didn’t rely so much on (or didn’t even use) their computer, the reality is completely different nowadays. But the workplace includes a lot more than desktop computers or laptops. It includes printers, scanners, phones, tablets, and other equipment. So, this clearly increases the mess of cords and cables. However, when you use a pop up desk outlet, this will all be avoided.

While a pop up desk outlet won’t be able to hide the cords and wires, the truth is that they won’t be laying on the floor either. In fact, this can even be dangerous since someone can stumble on them. But more than this, when you are using a pop up desk outlet in each desk, your employees won’t need to get up every time they need to turn the printer on or when they need to charge their smartphone or tablet, for example. They will have everything they need right there beside them, and the workplace will look a lot better.

When you are trying to ensure that your employees are productive, you should also talk to them directly about their desks. Even though a pop up desk outlet is very useful, it doesn’t make any miracles. And if one of your employees keeps accumulating files every single day on his desk, he won’t be so productive. But worse than this, the remaining employees will have a tendency to start doing the same.

So, it is extremely important that you talk to your employees about maintaining the workplace clean and decluttered all the time. While during the day everyone is busy and things may not be perfect, at the end of the day they should be.

Explain to them why it is important to maintain the workplace always in order.

Another major factor that you should keep in mind is that you may have a customer or a potential investor visiting your office when you’re least expecting. The reality is that when you have a business, no matter how big or small it is, you want to ensure that you always pass the right message to your customers and potential investors. And if they arrive at your office and see a disorganized space where everyone is doing what they want, they won’t like it and will associate this bad image to your business immediately.

As you can see, there are many benefits of using a pop up desk outlet. A pop up desk outlet can not only help you maintain your office space decluttered and prevent accidents as it can also be the starting point to a more productive workplace. After all, you just need to talk to your employees so that they understand what is going on and can change their behaviors.