As caring, loving, and supportive parents we all know the true value of education. Children who are given the opportunity to hone their skills and learn in a positive environment from a young age tend to reach their growing milestones sooner which makes a big difference in their future. For this very reason, enrolling in a private preschool has become a top priority for modern parents.

Parents who have yet to consider which preschool their toddlers should go to might want to consider these factors as the right school will have a major impact on your child’s life:

The Teacher

Of course it is always recommended for parents to first meet the potential teachers as well as the staff of the private preschool before enrolling their child. Toddlers who are used to having the time and attention of their parents and siblings at home might feel uncomfortable being away from home for too long.

However, an excellent, trained, certified, and most of all loving teacher can help your child adjust to preschool life very quickly. Speak to the teacher and to know her a little before school starts. This quick preview will give you a better idea if your young child will be in the hands of a capable teacher while in school.

Words Must Be A Priority

Yes, all children indeed develop in their own time. Some preschoolers may already be forming complete sentences while others can still struggle. No matter what stage they are in their development it is important for the preschool to prioritize their language skills above all else.

Check that the classroom is filled with letters and simple words that your child can familiarize themselves with to enhance their learning. Ask about library and reading time when speaking to the teachers. While 3 and 4 year olds aren’t expected to pick up a book and read on the first day, encouraging them to think of reading as a good habit is always a great way to start their education.

Numbers Are Important Too

While books and story time is always a part of preschool life, learning basic math concepts should be introduced as early as possible as well. Young children who are taught basic math skills at an early age will not fear numbers as they enter grade school. The sooner they learn how to count and do basic math, the less intimidating the subject becomes when they finally start grade school.

Arts, Physical Activities, And Fun

Preschool is a time for young children to develop all sorts of skills, not just reading and counting. It is also a perfect time for them to develop friendships, master their motor skills, and explore the world of art.

It is a must for the preschool to have a balance of learning, physical exercise, as well as playtime. Children who learn how to play and work with others become team players as adults. Exposing them to school life as soon as possible is the perfect way to help them develop the skills they will need as adults, providing they go to an excellent preschool.

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