Many studies have been conducted to prove how a cleverly executed Preschool playground design can help develop a wide range of skills among children — from motor, cognitive down to social skills. We’re giving particular focus on how this recreational space can optimally enhance kids’ motor skills.

Gross vs. Fine Motor Skills

When you talk about skills that include a larger group of muscles (e.g. Walking, jumping, or getting out of bed), they are referred to as gross motor skills. Fine motor skills, on the other hand, comprise those that need a more precise and controlled body movement — for example, holding a book or tying a shoelace.

The Importance of Developing Motor Skills

When your body makes a movement, a certain amount of energy is consumed. If you’re just learning a certain type of motor skill, you are logically in need of more energy. But as you naturally progress and do the skill more automatically, the lesser amount of energy will be used. Once these skills are enhanced in the early stages of life, a person’s energy can be consumed in the development of their aspects.

Apart from this, well-developed motor skills are also crucial in keeping a person active and fit. In the latter years of his life, a person with great motor skills can be good at sports. Or in a more practical way, can help avoid physical accidents and injuries.

Designing a Motor Skill-Enhancing Playground

A community or a preschool playground design can include different types of playground equipment. Here are some ways how equipment helps develop a child’s motor skills:

Climbers. Besides strengthening one’s core muscles, this type of equipment involves a lot of grasping and handling bars.

Swings and see-saws. Similar to climbers, this one involves holding onto something (like ropes or handlebars).

Activity panels. If you install an activity panel like a maze panel, you will be exposing kids to a wonderland of gears promoting fine motor skills (and analytical skills) — e.g. Pushing buttons, adjusting small knobs.

Open areas. This encourages quite the range of activities, like jumping, running, and kicking balls, offering a great way to fine-tune gross motor skills.

General Tips to Consider

No matter what kind of preschool playground design you will be executing, these are some important must-know tips you need to take into account:

Safety is key. Though a guardian or a parent will be there to keep an eye on the children, it is a basic requirement to keep the playground area safe for the youngsters. They are innately inquisitive, so make sure that nothing in the playground can pose danger to its users.

Keep the flow of space in mind. Whether your area has just enough space or has plenty of it, a properly designed playground features strategically placed equipment. Group facilities that develop similar skills with another, and make sure that each equipment is easily accessible by the kids (and the adults).

Get playground equipment from trusted manufacturers. To guarantee the safety and quality of your playground facilities, buy them only from trusted companies. Have them installed by a professional, and keep in mind that they should be cleaned, maintained, and inspected on a regular basis.

Preschool playground design is crucial if you want to make most of the benefits of playgrounds, and of course, if you want kids to have fun! Contact us today at General Recreation Inc. where we can help you from concept to completion.