These days, it is becoming difficult for students to manage time. They keep juggling between schools, tuitions, and other activity classes. They need to manage time between studies, families, social life and school. Proper management of time will help you in a long way. Here’s how you can manage it properly.

  • Make a time table

Having a time table for studies and other activities will help you to be organized. This way, you can allocate more time for the activities which are more important. Similarly, you can spend less time on less productive tasks like watching TV. To make sure that you follow the timetable properly, you can use the reward or punishment method. You can reward yourself with something you like to do if you follow the time table properly. Similarly, you can skip doing your favourite activity of the day as a punishment for not following the timetable.

  • Keep separate time for difficult subjects

Some subjects like maths may have particularly difficult topics like types of triangles, trigonometry, calculus and so on. You should focus on these subjects more. Prioritize the compulsory tasks from the time table and take some extra time out to practice these subjects. This is of utmost importance for subjects like maths. The practice is the key to score well in mathematics. Utilize the extra time you have for practising the topics which are not easy to understand for you.

  • Half an hour nap

Do not start studying immediately after coming back from school. You should freshen up, eat healthy food and take a nap to revitalize your energy for the remaining activities of the day. A half an hour nap will refresh your mind. This will also help to reduce your body fatigue. Studying any mathematical topic like whole numbers after a nap will help you learn it more effectively.

  • Eat proper food

Skipping meals to make up for the lost time is strict No. You should manage your time and ensure to eat breakfast before starting the day. Hunger will make you distracted and lethargic, and in the long run, it could drastically affect health too.

  • Do yoga/ Pranayam

Yoga has many benefits. One of the benefits it has is that it helps in increased blood circulation to the brain. So, it is advisable to include it in the timetable.


Managing time is a skill. There’s no particular age to start learning the same. Students who learn it sooner will get the benefits of making the most of their time in a fruitful manner.