We know that learning any language needs a lot of chores. Before starting, congrats to you on choosing to learn the English language as a professional mode of communication. So, considering the professional language, you should always look to forward to improve yourself. When you are learning English language, it’s very common to reach a point that looks like a plateau. It will be a point where the learner will make no further progress. In this situation, it is pivotal to evaluate the learning process and routines along with making some damn changes to continue the growth. Remember, achieving the proficiency of English is possible if you combine the strengths in four different aspects. These are writing, reading, listening and speaking. The best lesson can be learnt from focusing on the abilities gained from lots of research. So, You can learn “how to Speak English Fluently”.

Receptive skills: –

Let’s start with reading and listening. It may seem different but there is a very fine similarity. When it comes to receptive skills, reading and listening are both parts of the same. The input process of the English language that is poured in you, should be properly discerned to grasp the knowledge efficiently.

Reading: –

Considering changing the usual resources! One of the primary reasons when learners reach the upper-most surface of the plateau is, reading the same type of contexts or following patterns of information which is similar to each. The recycling process forces the learners to enter and exit through the same entryway. Isn’t it funny to read the newspaper over and over again? Therefore, keep changing the subscriptions of the newspaper every month or two, to alter the pattern of sentence constructions. In this case, expert teachers and native speakers are going to be great help for you.

A test of text: –

Are you learning English language without a teacher? If this is so, then there are high chances when learners maximize the period between exams. Out of practice may lead to lots of complications which include guessing the meaning of new words based on the context and something that is very commonly taught to the students. So, next time when you read something for pleasure, make sure to add some additional time for studying the texts as if you are preparing for an exam. 

Speed reading: –

There’s nothing better than good reading. It is always better to be a good and quick reader. Well now, don’t run to sign up for a speed reading course and being a competitor. This can be done very simply by increasing the number of English words when you are reading along with understanding the same quickly. Appropriately time yourself while reading and try to complete a paragraph within 30 seconds. Then again read the same to find out any sentence which is not understandable when the speed is gained.

Listening: –

Make yourself familiar with a number of accents. You can increase the speed of learning when you listen to different dialects and accents from various regions. You may easily understand the accent of an American speaker but also need to master the Australian and Neutral accent. If understanding a particular accent is not possible’ let’s focus on the improvement of comprehension. There are lots of online English speaking courses available to you which is narrated by some of the best speakers from around the world and providing the best knowledge. 

It all depends on the motive of learning that indicates the process and types of English language courses. Fine-tune your requirements and choose the right academy with the best tutors.