Most people don’t have any idea about how much cheer squads need to pay for competition fees and travel expenses. And this not to mention the uniforms that you use. So, from time to time, you just need to host some cheer fundraisers to ensure that you can keep representing your team and school at a national level.

Organizing Cheer Fundraisers

Organizing fundraisers is never easy. It takes time, money, and a lot of patience. Besides, the more people that are involved the worst. While having a lot of people to spread the word about the cheer fundraisers events and to help organize everything is definitely positive, the reality is that this also involves listening to the opinions of the entire squad. And in what concerns getting to an agreement about the best idea for the cheer fundraisers can be really hard.

Nevertheless, when everyone is motivated and willing to work for the cause, you can be sure that it will be a success.

How To Make Your Cheer Fundraisers Different

Almost all schools (if not all) have their own cheer squad. So, people are more than expecting to see when you’re going to host the next cheer fundraisers. After all, they know it is only a matter of time.

So, one of the things that you need to try to do all the time is to create a different cheer fundraiser. Just picking a different theme may not be enough.

Let’s say that usually, your cheer fundraisers include a bake sale. You know, from your own experience, that this can be very profitable. However, unless you add something new each year, you can be sure that the money that you raise will start decreasing. At some point, you may not reach your goal. So, you can hold a special bake sale where all baked items need to incorporate the team logo or name. This will make it a bit different. Other times, instead of the regular cake, you can decide to make a cheer fundraisers with a popcorn sale. Popcorn fundraisers are also very popular and they tend to get great results. Again, it’s just a matter of thinking about the best idea and adding it something new to attract more people.

Don’t Forget About Your Goal

When deciding on a new theme for the cheer fundraisers. you need to ensure that the idea is good enough to allow you to reach your goal. If it isn’t, you can combine it with a different one or simply think about a new theme.

Since the team has so many members, we believe that you won’t run out of ideas. However, you may find some problems with getting into a consensus.

If you already spent a lot of time discussing ideas and it seems that you aren’t getting anywhere, you should consider voting for the best idea. While you won’t reach unanimity, at least the majority agrees with the idea for the cheer fundraiser.

Include Add-Ons

Let’s say that you have planned your next cheer fundraiser will include an entrance fee. This is perfectly ok but you can elaborate more on the idea. Let’s say that you are considering selling pancakes. Why can’t you sell fresh lemonade as well?

Or add a t-shirt to the pack if someone buys a specific amount of pancakes?

While you can keep adding more and more items it is important that you consider the prices that you’re going to charge. The truth is that if someone needs to pay for the entrance on your cheer fundraisers, they won’t be willing to pay a lot more.

Invite Children To Participate

When you are holding cheer fundraisers, one of your biggest fears is that you don’t have a lot of people attending the event. So, when you want to make sure that this happens, you just need to tell kids about what is going to happen and entice their curiosity. You can be sure that if you succeed, you will see complete families attending your cheer fundraisers. After all, we all know that kids can be very persistent. And when they want something that much, most parents will check out your cheer fundraisers. And this means that you will be closer to reach your goal.

While cheer fundraisers can be a bit tricky and imply a lot of work, you shouldn’t forget that they are fun too. So, don’t forget to mingle around and ask for donations for your cause.