CCNA is a certification course in the field of information technology offered by CISCO systems. The full form of CCNA is Cisco Certified network associate. It comes at second among the 5 staged certifications from Cisco. This exam isn’t easy to beat as a lot of aspiring students give this exam every year and not a lot of them succeed. Pune has got a lot of IT companies which make the residents of this city interested in CCNA certification. This will allow them to work near their homes. There are a lot of coaching centers that provide CCNA training in Pune to those who wish to succeed in the exam.

What are the career options after availing this certificate?

As you know IT is an ever evolving industry. There are a lot of IT jobs that you will become eligible for as soon as you complete your CCNA certification. Jobs like, network engineer, IT manager, network administrator etc. are just a few of the many career opportunities that this certification will open up to you.

What you should already know before you start?

You should have atleast the basic knowledge of computer and network hardware and you should also know about IP/TCP otherwise you will find it very difficult to proceed with this course. Another thing to note here is that your certification will expire after 3 years and you will have to give the exam again in order to get recertified. This is done due to the fact that IT industry undergoes changes on a regular basis and experts also need to adapt accordingly.

Course followed under this certification

The course for this certification isn’t very easy and small. Hence, it is advised that you seek proper coaching or a teacher to help you with the course. The course mainly focuses on different things related to networking. Here is a list of topics covered under it.

  • Network fundamentals
  • LAN switching technology
  • Routing technologies
  • WAN technology
  • Infrastructure services, security and management